We're a telecom company with well documented API's for developers. If you can think it you can build it with us. We offer voice, SMS, fax, and wireless voice / 4G data.

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Our properitary network provides voice, SMS, and fax services with connectivity via our JSON and XML API. The HEG network supports termination, origination, PBX, SIP Endpoints, and programabble IVR. Our wireless offering provides voice & 4G LTE data connectivity on America's largest network allowing you to combine the HEG network with your retail wireless service or machine-2-machine offering. The "you can build it" network is here. We also offer cusotm application design services, see below.

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Businesses looking to break into the wireless industry find a home at MVNOU™. Our leading private label wireless program brings together today's most popular services into one user friendly private label back office built and designed in-house exclusively for telecom resellers. By utilizing MVNOU's existing agreements with the nations leading service providers you can avoid costly investments required to secure agreements on your own, while gaining the industry experience and support of the MVNOU™ team.

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