HEG - Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC

A family company established in 2001, Hawkins Enterprise Group LLC (HEG) is a telecom service provider, including network access and BSS/OSS software. We operate our own voice, SMS/MMS, and fax network in addition to maintaining multiple agreements with the largest wireless carriers and service providers in the United States.

HEG is a Texas Limited Liability Company and is registered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as an authorized interconnected wireless, wire-line, and VoIP provider.

Our Mission

Maintain a quality offering while giving startups the same opportunity’s as larger companies. Our number one priority is to serve our clients as if their business depends on it, because it usually does. At HEG we strive to be a reliable, and dependable partner.



In 2013 we developed and launched the first version of TeleKloud, the billing and provisioning system for private label wireless providers and MVNO’s. We quickly realized TeleKloud could be more to more businesses and in 2014 we launched TeleKloud V2, quickly followed by TeleKloud V3 in 2015. TeleKloud V3 is the current version of this industry leading BSS/OSS and includes our proprietary module system able to support the provisioning and billing of any telecom service from wireless, cable internet, VoIP, landline telephone, and more.

TeleKloud is a three level system supporting the network provider (CORE), the service provider (VAR), and the service providers dealers and retail locations (PARTNERS) all in one system. Like all of our platforms, TeleKloud is built API first and includes extensive documentation for it’s XML API.


In 2015 HEG purchased Telekomet from Telekomet Holdings Company (founded by the CEO of HEG) and switched the company’s focus to private label wireless. HEG changed the name of Telekomet to MVNOU to better reflect the new focus on mobile virtual network operators. MVNOU aims to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to begin offering their own private label wireless brand on their choice of nationwide wireless networks.  With TeleKloud acting as the provisioning and billing system, MVNOU clients have access to a wide array of tools to help them get their private label wireless brand off the ground quickly and with minimal investment. Today MVNOU™ serves upwards of 75 MVNO’s across the United States.


In 2017 HEG announced plans to begin the development of it’s own voice network and focus on building future offerings around it’s network. Later that year our in-house built network (code named Teleoh™) was launched along with the Teleoh API and the Teleoh XML language “Teleoh XML”.