IVR Payments with Stripe and Authorize.net

Recently we launched CallDesigner.app, a visual interface to design your own call flows and deploy your own IVR’s. This powerful system is built on our Teleoh™ network, which means it comes with the reliability and dependability of Teleoh™. 

If you haven’t given CallDesigner.app a try yet dive in with a 7 day trial.

One of the best features of CallDesigner.app is call flow images. Images allow you to design a call flow and share it with the community or keep it in your private library. Images can then be launched into new designs or phone systems almost instantly.

Each week we’ll be bringing CallDesigner.app users a new useful call flow image designed by our team of call flow designers. 

This week we’re happy to bring you the “Pay By Phone for Stripe and Authorize.net” call flow image. This image also marks the launch of native support for Stripe and Authorize.net for CallDesigner.app.

The “Pay By Phone” image can be used as a starting point or a full solution out the box for accepting credit and debit card payments from your customers using a IVR.

The best part, since CallDesigner.app now includes native support for Stripe and Authorize.net there’s no programming to do on your end. Simply deploy the image to a new design, link it to a phone number, plugin your gateway API credentials, and your live.

Give it a try today!

https://calldesigner.app/imagelibrary/image/Pay By Phone for Stripe and Authorize.net/104

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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